The transition from schools to universities and colleges can be tough sometimes, new environment, away from home, increased workload, new friends, and deciding your future career can all cause enough stress that would affect your studies. CampusMate is there to make that transition easier. By having a mate like CampusMate, it is easier to engage with your classmates and with students from all majors. 

CampusMate is an AI powered course based messaging app. It allows you to add your courses that you are taking this semester. Every course added is a smart chat room where students can collaborate and share insights about courses! Every course has a smart bot that helps students with course material, gives them access to tutors and give them insights about their exams and assignments. Every chatroom collects all the data shared across semesters and using Machine Learning algorithms,  it becomes smarter and smarter to help students succeed.

CampusMate wants you to have the best experience ever, that’s why we give the ability for any student to rate other students tutoring skills. This will help students choose  the best tutors for help. We provide a seamless experience with a user friendly mobile app, that will be truly… your CampusMate.

On the other end, CampusMate connects with all events, special deals, around campus. and using AI, we know the right user base audience that would be interested in certain events, and we connect them and give them the ability to pay for tickets directly from chatrooms. Students can also utilize this feature to create in campus events, or crowdfund for a project or idea between friends. 

Download CampusMate, and help build a stronger and smarter campus community.